About Me

My name is Yohan Deschamps aka DY, I am a landscape photographer, based in Australia.

My passion for photography, began in 2013 when I was still living in France, I used to borrow my sister’ Camera from time to time to play around without really understanding how a camera worked, so using principally the auto mode.

Then later in 2013, I flew to New Zealand with my own first DSLR.

I was amazed by the scenery offered, but the frustration came quickly, because, with my camera, I was not really able to reproduce on the picture, what I was seeing through my eyes.

So, I spend a few years learning everything I could about photography.

In the early days of my photography career, I developed a love for landscape Photography with a particular love for Waterfalls.

The love for photography grew up through the years to become a bit more than a simple hobby.

As I grew up in a small village in the French Alps, I always had a big interest in nature, spending long hours in the mountains, walking around rivers, waterfalls.
Since 2016 my goal is to explore new places around the world such as Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and more are coming.
I have a big project to explore Canada and some parts of Us, in search of great places to photograph

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I liked taking them